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Gym Focuses:-
1. Clinching
2. Muay Femeu
3. Muay Khao

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Excellent Muay Thai gym. Family ran, with lots of focus on technique and clinch. If your a fighter they provide dorms and various sizes Thai clinching partners. This gym can also help you find fights of all levels, from temple fights, superchamp to Rajadamnern. The boss is Ae, speaks fluent English and very enthusiastic about Muay Thai.

Kyle Ching

In my humble opinion, this is one of the best if not the best gym in Bangkok. Why? People there take care of you. It is a rather small gym and the coaches have an eye on you all the time. This gym puts the focus on technique. The Krus make sure you will learn every kick and every movement correctly. Moreover, this gym is located a little bit outside of Bangkok so you dont get distracted by alcohol and party. Also the pollution and the heat is not as bad as in downtown BKK. Before I came to TFC I went to many places. Most of them are a rip off and you dont get to improve anything. So if you really want to improve your Muay Thai skills and make the most of your time in Thailand, you should visit this gym.

Steffen Voigt

The owner and the coach trains you very well. They look at tiny bit of details when you kick, punch , knee etc.. like when to turn the hip, what angle, hand positon... Overall trust me you will kick better after you come out of that gym. It is a good place for muay thai lovers and also people who wants to learn self defence. This Gym Focus in technique which is also known as FEMEW style, allowing you to grow in all the aspect of muay thai. And the coaches are from different style of muay thai. You can get a wide knoweledge about muay thai. I love my time here. It is one of the best Muay thai gym in thailand.

2-RE Art

Very Good Gym ! Many Months with you, trainer are very good ! Hard training for Fight but also very good technical Work ! Good for all publics ! Professional Fighter or no ! Excellent Gym que je recommande. Plusieurs mois passés chez eux, très bon encadrement ! Très bonne préparation de combat, mais aussi correctifs techniques ! Ouvert à tous !!

Cindy Silvestre

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